I Have a Horrible Secret

My horrible secret:  I almost broke with my manifesto and posted an opinion piece about the latest blog-o-drama.  The heck with that.  My overriding opinion is that blogs are a terrible way to have interesting discussions.  There's a lot of these "old school" blogs, do you know if you're even reading all the interested points?  Comments on the posts are a terrible way to track a conversation, you have to remember to go back and check, and then when the discussion spills onto multiple blogs, forget about it... this is what forum software is meant for.  There isn't any OSR forum, so this is what we've got.  Yeah, it's a plus to your ego to get piles of comments (I know I love them), but as for a sustained meaningful conversation, meh, not so good.

My other horrible secret you'll have to roll a d20 on the "I Have a Horrible Secret" table to determine:

Horrible Secret
1. Doppelganger
2. Connoisseur of human flesh
3. Wizard in disguise
4. Possessed by a god
5. Undead horror
6. Adrenochrome addict
7. Has no soul
8. Visitor from other dimension
9. Hideous mutant under carefully constructed clothing
10. Deeply in love with flesh-eating monster
11. Ancient automaton with realistic artificial skin
12. Cultist of forbidden sect
13. In thrall to evil intelligent weapon
14. Skin exudes contact poison
15. Accidentally killed someone.  And everyone who saw through poor cover-up attempts.  Ran out of room in the basement for more bodies.
16. Necrophiliac
17. Slaver
18. Wanted for sedition
19. Manufactures homicidal dolls
20. Aspect of Nyarlethotep

I'm throwing together some random tables for the campaign setting portion of the first-level book.  I certainly could use them, so probably somebody else can as well.


  1. Great chart, and excellent point on using blogs to have extended conversations.

    And who doesn't love comments?!?

  2. 21. Bought the Fortune Cards from WotC


    Couldn't resist Pat.

  3. My horrible secret... is that I love these horrible secrets. Nice work.