Soon, the excretions will be edible

So I've got a few things on my "must buy" list for this year.

Encounter Critical! - Check! After reading Jeff's write-up of his con session, I had to order a copy.  Let all excretions be edible!
Realms of Crawling Chaos - Check, just ordered it.  Thank you Lulu coupon!
Stonehell Dungeon 2 - I love megadungeons.  Eagerly awaiting this.
Dwimmermount - As I said, I love megadungeons, but I'm a bit nervous about the level of detail he'll include.  James has stated a preference for being light on detail and providing more of an overview on how levels should run, whereas I like loads of keyed rooms.
Planet Algol - no idea when Blair will publish, but oh I want it so.
Weird Adventures - I had no idea until last week that Trey was publishing something, it's on the list now.

So two down, four to go.

Classic megadungeons were full of portals to other worlds, and I see no reason to break with that tradition.  My players will be visiting all of the places in the books mentioned above.  Well, EC would be a "one-off" rather than campaign play - but the rest will be mixed in with portals, spaceships, or whatnot.

I might also go for the S&W version of Tome of Horrors when that comes out, that really depends on price though.  There's only so much money I'll put down for a monster book, given that I tend to just make them all up anyhow.

I'm just writing up stuff you've already seen in on the blog in some form or another, so no exciting new content tonight.  I do need to do a couple of wilderness maps for Greater Denethix and The Land of One Thousand Towers, so expect some pencil drafts next week sometime.

The 140 items I put up for auction on eBay are all ending tonight, too, so I get to play shipping & receiving clerk again.  That should take a good long time to deal with... the prices coming in so far are decent though, so I'll be commissioning some more art for the Anomalous Subsurface Environment book.  Not too much more though, it's a vanity publication and if nobody's interested in buying, I don't want to be too far in the red.  We'll see how the first level book sells (and given that the bulk of it will be available for free as well, I expect to be underwhelmed - it's basically a donation system to recoup expenses and hopefully fund a few bits of art for level 2).

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