Selling yourself into slavery...

I try to anticipate what my players are going to do.  Selling themselves into slavery came as a shocker, though.  Not sure where Dick Dock's player was heading with that one, but when he found out he couldn't "buy himself back" he changed tack.

They did a tiny bit of exploration, and ran into two rooms I had published here earlier: Hall of the Underlords and Lightning in a Bottle.  They didn't bother to look through the eyes of the skulls to see the Treasure of the Underlords - very sad, I was hoping that a) they'd finally connect the dots on the crystal skulls, since they missed finding the blue skull on the first level, and b) they'd flail around uselessly trying to figure out how to get into that treasure room, because that would be funny.  For me.

Nobody grabbed at a silver rod in the Lightning in a Bottle room either.  The players are starting to get canny.  That's good, it means it's time to up the threat level with the traps.  Of course, next session they may go all reckless on me.  Here's hoping!

Finally, the little side quest to get a giant bug for sacrifice looks like it might come to a successful conclusion.  That assumes nothing shows up to eat their henchmen at the top of the well.  So far, secret dice rolls have been in their favor.


  1. "Selling themselves into slavery came as a shocker, though." I envy you... Opportunities abound!

  2. Yeah, a lot of entertainment potential in that one.