Requirements: None
Prime Requisite: CON
Hit Dice: 1d8
Maximum Level: 12

Robot characters start as slender exoskeletons with positronic brains encased in a relatively fragile acrylic head-shell. As it gains levels, a robot scavenges parts from other robots to enhance its strength and abilities.

Robots may wield melee and missile weapons in their pincers just as their human counterparts do with their hands. Additionally, as they level, robots build an increasingly deadly array of weapons into their arms for use in combat.

A robot does not wear armor or use a shield – as it gains levels, it upgrades its internal engines to support additional weight and constructs and incrementally improves an exoskeleton shell. A robot character does apply its dexterity bonus to its armor class.

Robots are especially susceptible to the attacks of rust monsters, taking 2d8 points of damage per round from contact with such creatures. On the plus side, being machines, robots are necessarily immune to the effects of poison and disease.

Robots are able to self-repair at a rate of 1 hit points of damage per level over an 8 hour period, given access to a suitable source of scrap metal. Clerical healing spells have no effect on their metal bodies – only specially trained Scientists are able to speed the repair process of a damaged robot.

The positronic brains of robots are deeply sensitive to negative energy, and thus robots are vulnerable to the level draining effects of the undead. A robot losing a level will involuntarily eject hardware as the negative energy courses through its machine intellect. Robots reduced to level 0 simply fall apart, and do not become undead robots.

Robot characters follow a well-established manufacturing schedule when gaining levels, delineated below. They must have access to the remains of a higher-level robot or automaton to gain a level, as no new parts have been manufactured for thousands of years.

Robot Level Progression
ExperienceLevelHit Dice (1d8)
500,00010+2 hp only *
700,00011+4 hp only *
950,00012+6 hp only *
* Hit point modifiers from constitution are ignored

Robot Special Abilities
LevelACUnarmed Attacks per RoundUnarmed Attack DamageSpecial Abilities
1911d4Unarmed attack uses crushing pincer-grip
2811d6Retracting drill added to wrist-bearing, increasing the robot’s hand-to-hand combat capability
3711d6May hover up to 30’ high using propulsion units embedded in legs. Cannot move horizontally unless pushing off a surface (at half normal movement rate in this instance)
4621d6Second drill added, and arm synchronization improved to allow two simultaneous attacks
5521d6Plasma cannon embedded in right arm (as per weapon description in ASE1, ammunition must acquired separately)
6421d6Strength increases by 1 (up to max of 18)
7321d8Retracting circular saws added to both arms, increasing the robot’s hand-to-hand combat capability
8221d8Second plasma cannon added, this time on the left arm. Dual plasma cannon attacks now possible
9121d8Strength increases by 1 (up to max of 18)
10041d8Extra pair of arms added, each with a circular saw for hand-to-hand combat
11-141d8Strength increases by 1 (up to max of 18)
12-241d8Two more plasma cannons added on the extra pair of arms, allowing a total of four plasma attacks per round

Robot Saving Throws
LevelBreath AttacksPoison or DeathPetrify or ParalyzeWandsSpells or Spell-like Devices

Robot Attack Table
Attack Value for Armor Class


  1. Robots as sort of an anti-monk. Awesome.

  2. This is fantastic. I particularly like this: They must have access to the remains of a higher-level robot or automaton to gain a level, as no new parts have been manufactured for thousands of years.

  3. Really cool idea. And - both well and simply executed. Nice work.

  4. I know at least one fan of ABC-warriors that will take giant hammer instead of pincer-grip.

    1. Well, puny 1d4 hammer for starters but it's still enough to bust skulls.