session recap, 1/24/2013

Mongo the Fighter (5)
Gutboy the Cleric (5) and his blink dog Rufus II

Back in the city, Mongo and Gutboy discussed what to do next - and the urge to experiment with the wrist replicator recovered from the lair of Grolikus the Hive Mind was irresistable.  Gutboy put the replicator on, and the blank face of the wristwatch-like device lit up with a swirling multitude of colors.  A voice issued from the replicator: "Replicator ready for use. Please state desired item."

Gutboy thought for a moment, and then said "Diamond sphere, one foot radius."  He and Mongo were stunned to see a sphere of pure diamond begin to form on the floor in front of them, and expand to a 1' radius.  They covered the incredibly valuable artifact and took it to the Bank Inviolable, where the stunned bank manager wrote them a receipt ("diamond - estimated value: priceless") and placed it in the vault.

The pair then headed to the Bazaar Incomparable, seeking a jeweler.  They came upon Leroy Frederickson, who went to the bank with them to examine the jewel.  He reported that he could not afford to buy such an artifact himself, but offered to find a buyer for a 15% fee.  The deal was struck, and a few days later Leroy instructed the pair to meet him at the home of Davrik Lerdingfast, an incredibly wealthy slumlord.  They went to the appointment, bringing the blink dog Rufus with them.

Davrik's several acre estate was on the Street of Upright Living, overlooking the Voltaic Cataract.  The four guards at the front gate were wearing filigreed plate mail and armed with submachine guns.  After disarming the pair, they took them through a side entrance of the mansion into a waiting room.  The walls were decorated with a wide variety of well-polished antique weapons - flintlock muskets, machine guns, long cylinders with various handles protruding from them, and a shield with a gun barrel sticking out of its center.

A flamboyant man wearing a smoking jacket entered the room and greeted the adventurers - it was Davrik Lerdingfast.  He explained how he had earned his fortune on a lucky lanthanide strike in the Wastes, and then parlayed it into a real estate fortune using his connections with the Grand Vizier.  His true passion, however, was for weapons - he told them he even had a non-functioning Steel Leviathan in his collection.

Davrik told them one of his artifacts was an enormous laser cannon whose focusing crystal had been scavenged long ago.  Diamonds themselves usually didn't interest him, but a perfectly spherical diamond could be jury-rigged into the cannon's focusing mechanism.  He told them he could give them more than just money - with his connections he could get citizenship papers for Mongo, Gutboy, and even the blink dog Rufus.  They consulted with Leroy, who said that chopping the sphere up into individual diamonds would glut the market and they would only get a fraction of its value - the negotiations went on for a bit, and eventually the deal was settled at 3 citizenships and 20,000 gp (of which Leroy took 15%).

After the deal was settled, Davrik explained that he could use some experienced adventurers - the lone survivor of a failed froghemoth-hunting expedition in the Livid Fens had stumbled across a several-stories-tall tank in the swamps.  Davrik wanted the tank brought back, and offered 10,000 gp if it could be cleaned up for display in his front yard, and 20,000 gp if it could be made operational.  Gutboy told Davrik that it would take some time to deal with the logistics.

After the various deals were concluded, handshakes exchanged, and citizenship papers delivered, Gutboy and Mongo exercised their rights as citizens and purchased a 3 bedroom apartment on the Street of Students.  Gutboy booby-trapped the door, and the two men and their dog agreed not to tell the others of their good fortune.

It was unclear how they'll explain away the fact that Rufus the blink dog now wears a top hat, expensive velvet cape, jeweled collar, and has both a butler and a gold-digger girlfriend named Ginger following him about.

Gains: Giant diamond, apartment, citizenships, map to tank in Livid Fens
Kills: None
Losses: None

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  1. Tank in Livid Fens - I like the sound of this...

    I am proud to say my ASE game on G+ Hangouts finally breached the environment proper tonight.