Bottle City!

The new printing of Bottle City from Rob Kuntz & Black Blade Publishing showed up today:

I've looked at it for about 30 seconds.  Kind of funky layout, lots of commentary sections peppered throughout the book.  Lots of unkeyed rooms too.  I'll figure it all out after I go through it in more detail, I'm sure.  There's an early "errata" section where they note corrections to various things, including the map.

So there's some value being placed on this as a historical document over use (where the errata would be integrated, map corrected, etc).  Haven't gone through it in any serious way yet so I don't know how that might impact actually running it.  My players are a bit too low a level right now anyhow.

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  1. You're correct, Pat, the notes and commentary at the beginning of the adventure are intended to guide use of the map and adventure in play, and help to explain some of the idiosyncrasies of the map itself (which is a reproduction of the original manuscript map; as such the map contains things like spelling errors and such, for example).

    I'm looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts about it! :D