"What happened to yer blog Mr. Henchman Abuse?"

Worthless status update incoming!

"So what happened to ASE4-5?  Where are all the session reports?  When will you publish again?"

a. I played a lot of Destiny on the PlayStation 4
b. I designed a lot of electronics (my other hobby).  Little circuit boards everywhere, doing things at dangerously high voltages
c. And now I'm playing a lot of Ark: Survival Evolved on the PlayStation 4.  Yeah this is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY.  Dinosaurs for days!
d. I try to get the group together but it's tricky getting everyone together, so not playing as much as I want
e. There was an unrecorded session of White Plume Mountain.  They recovered Wave, went back to Under-Miami, and were introduced to the mayor at a dinner party - who in turn introduced them to Ashkasor.  Players and Ashkasor pretended it was their first meeting, and veiled threats were exchanged.

But yeah, ASE4-5 is still on my radar.  I just get distracted by whatever the latest project is - it's kind of a thing with me, I've always got a half-dozen incomplete projects in the backlog.

In the meantime, just got an email from someone starting up an ASE campaign, and he's blogging the play sessions here:  http://selfportraitasagiant.blogspot.com/

Creative stuff with Monsator!


  1. Glad to see ASE is still cooking. I've got hard copies of the first two books and will purchase the third when it occurs. It is a fine product!

  2. It is great to know that you haven't disappeared.

  3. Hey, thanks for the link! Having a blast with ASE, and should put up play reports every other week, with other RP stuff in between. Looking forward to reading ASE 4-5 whenever it comes out!

  4. Pat's alive AND Gus teased new Apollyan stuff at Dungeon of Signs. Good times!

    This is our ASE campaign, would love to get it back going again:


  5. I've just started an ASE campaign, so I'd love to see ASE 4+. However, I figured I was going to read Winds of Winter first. Any rough idea of a timeframe, Pat? Are we talking months?

  6. I also started an ASE game this summer. It's great stuff man.