Thoughts from the last session

So first off - I'm part of a group now.  I'm moving on up!

So during Wednesday's session, a few comments:

a. The parties ran into the misty-archway room and secret conference room I had previously described here.
b. Unpredictably, the dwarf decided to drink all the water out of the jug.  They were then stymied by the fact they had to pour a full jug of water down a drain to get something to happen.
c. Predictably, the party left all the expensive furniture in the secret conference room.  Mongo's been wanting to furnish his apartment, so when he gets back, I predict he hires an army of movers to get the stuff out of the dungeon.
d. The players who showed up are entirely responsible for the presumed Mongo-P.W. romance.  If you can't make the session, this is what happens...
e. Yes, the players started arguing about the map as I announced incoming wandering monsters.  When I said "all right enough, roll initiative" there were many sudden announcements about all the tactical arrangements of their dogs.  Yeah, no, not happening.  Once again, I was overjoyed by the ability of the screechmen to drop from the ceiling and surround the party, negating the annoying wall-of-dogs
f. Strangely, the dogs are always muzzled except when they're about to go into combat - then, the players somehow forgot to muzzle them after the last fight...
g. Guns make LOUD NOISE.  Not sure that Justin will use his rifle much after seeing what it does to wandering monster checks.
h. I did enjoy the huge numbers of checks I got to make as the party was crawling out of the dungeon with massive piles of silver weighing them down.
i. I was very non-immersive and just said "no" to more dogs.  Four is enough.  It was late, so I didn't have any creative explanations - just a flat refusal to sell them anymore.
j. Gutboy made 3rd level.  So we've got a 3rd level cleric, 2nd level fighter, 1st level elf, 1st level dwarf, and 1st level halfling.  Plus henchmen and dog armies.  I'm hoping they find one of the many entrances to the second level soon, things are getting a little easy for them.

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