Unguarded Treasure

I'm scrambling to finish keying Level 1 before tomorrow night's session.  So this post will be brief.  Here's one of the big payoff rooms in the first level, if the players can find it.  And if they can figure out that this stuff is worth carting out.  And if they can hire the moving company it will take to get it all back to town.  They've walked by a lot of treasure so far without finding it or realizing it was worth anything.

147. Secret Conference Room
This room has a large, ornately carved mahogany table, worth 500 gp.  It is surrounded by 8 clawfoot mahogany chairs, with deteriorated leather padding, worth 50 gp each.  On top of the table is an empty crystal decanter, worth 100 gp, and four crystal ashtrays worth 50 gp each.

There is a cabinet along the northwest wall.  It contains 7 bottles of ancient wine, turned to worthless vinegar after so many passing millennia.  It also has an opaque black bottle labeled “Water from Fountain, Level 3, Preserved”, that will act as a potion of healing.  The cabinet is also made of ornately carved mahogany, and is worth 250 gp.

Along the southwest wall is a mahogany roll-top desk, worth 350 gp.  Within the desk is a scroll inscribed with the magic-user spell sleep, and a brilliantly reflective protonium-metal dagger (treat as dagger +1, and it will detect as magic).

The secret door to the east is not secret from this side, of course.  It may be opened using large stainless steel handles mounted into the stone door.


  1. Protonium-metal dagger?!?

    On the subject of hidden treasure, you might find this interesting: http://synapserpg.com/blog/?p=875

  2. Protonium is a real word? Huh, I thought I made it up. Awesome. It's even better now. Allow my friend, Gregor the Priest of Science to explain. "Protonium is different from your common metals such as steel and bronze, because it is held together by the Extra-Strong Nuclear Force. Science's son, Hadron Collider, forged this knife himself in the atomic furnace and tempered it in the icy waters of the Deuterium River."

    And absolutely, yes, hidden treasure should be hidden by something other than a search roll. Eventually my players will catch on that they need to look harder, probably when rival adventuring parties start searching through areas they've already cleared of monsters and walking out with piles of loot.