First Trap of the First Level

So I've got 16 traps to make in the first level.  I prefer to have memorable and interesting traps, but it's a pain to come up with so many.  No way to finish except by starting, so here's trap #1.

101. Eyeful of Jellies
The 10’ by 10’ square area in the center of this room has an intricate carving of a face with a gaping mouth and empty eye sockets on each side.  The floor around this central area is covered with a dozen skeletons.

The eye sockets are recessed, and have voids above them.  In each right eye socket is a small lever.  Should anything less than all four levers be pulled simultaneously, eight corpses jellies (AC 9, HD 1+2, hp 6, #AT 1, D 1-6, Save F 1, ML 12) will be released, one from each eye socket.  Every player with their hands on a lever when this occurs will be subject to an attack from a corpse jelly as it is released.  The players will be surprised on a 1-4 on a d6.  The jellies will use the first round of combat to engulf the skeletons, if they are within reach when the jellies are released.

If all four levers are pulled simultaneously, the stone behind each of the mouths will lift away, allowing the players to crawl through into room 102.

102. Tarnished Bones

This room contains a skeleton made of tarnished silver.  The skeleton is worth 900 gp.


  1. Very cool. Some might call foul at a trap that releases a monster, but since this monster isn't likely to chase the PCs around, I heartily approve. :D

    Do you know what the story is behind the silver skeleton?

  2. No story behind the silver skeleton. Mystery abounds in the dungeon. I figure if I leave enough hints about the history of the dungeon around, and other things that seem to "make sense", the players will assume that the goofy things are somehow part of an intricate web that they have to figure out.

    Or they'll just sell it, or do something really stupid like try to grow a fresh corpse jelly on top of it.

    It's all good.

    Maybe I'll give it silver fangs in its grinning silver skull, that should really get their paranoid minds churning.