Augh! Get it off me!

So looking at the entries I did for the giant polychaete worm and the giant earwig, it's clear I have serious issues with creepy-crawlies clinging to people.  I'm opposed, in case it needs clarification.  Unless it's clinging to a henchman, those guys have it coming.

The polychaete worm attack is very similar to the earwig's cling-attack.  Fortunately, they are very far apart in levels, so the players will have plenty of time to forget the horror of carnivorous earwigs before the worm appears.  I do think I will add some more abilities to the polychaete worm though.  It's spines are loaded with neurotoxins, so I'll have anything going hand-to-hand with it, or using a bite attack, have to save vs. paralyzation on a successful hit.  That's not really going to affect the PC's, who will be using weapons, but if they've picked up any creature-buddies by that time, it may come into play.

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