My players are turning eeeevil

So my players are turning eeeeeeevil.  Mongo contemplates murdering his neighbors for the prospect of gold sandwiches and a higher level (me: "How could you kill Chrissie & Janet?" Mongo's player: "I hated that show!"), and Netal's player finds that purchasing slaves is a lot easier than making reaction rolls and hiring henchmen the old-fashioned way.

Of course this stuff is going to bite them on the ass.  That's slave #2 owned by Netal, so he's bound to attract the attention of the Society of the Luminous Spark.  I'll start laying that groundwork in this Thursday's session.

Mongo's player is upping the ante with the book after my lecture on character lifespans - given that Mongo could die on any given expedition, he wants to go "all in" on the book.  It's about time to put a bit more threat into the evil book, so far it's been comic relief.  Well, it will probably continue to be comic relief, but with more nasty consequences.

I've written (in crappy draft form admittedly) a large chunk of level 2 now, so it should wrap up soon.  Which is good - the players are going to hit third level very soon, which means they'll be heading deeper.  Probably without having explored too much of the 2nd level.  That's fine, the essence of the megadungeon is its scale, you're not supposed to go to every single room on every single level.  Not that my OCD players don't give their best effort...


  1. Funny and evil. I'm looking forward to seeing level 2 in print.

  2. I like the way you run your game and I am not critiquing you, but I have to ask, is there any reward for being the good guy?

  3. There's no reward either way. All the loot comes from the dungeon - the stuff in the city is just a lot of goofing around before heading into the dungeon.

    The write-ups make it sound like a lot of non-dungeon stuff is happening, but that's just the chatter while waiting for pizza to show up. Most of the time is spent exploring the dungeon, which I tend to gloss over in the write-ups as it doesn't read as well.

    I haven't really paid attention to the city stuff which is why there hasn't been any consequence - I forget in the 2 week intervals between sessions what crimes against humanity have occurred. The downside of poor behavior is about to come into play, though.