Excellent Elven Edventurers Take the Prize; and Poll Closed Today!

Poll closed! 61% of you want an ASE2-3 sooner, and 38% wanted level 4 as well. 1% of you found a third option, apparently.  So levels 2 and 3 it is! I'll be sending off level 2 to Brian in the next couple of days so he can start illustrating, while I finish up level 3.  There'll be some extras in this module too, in addition to the dungeon levels, so still plenty of value. It makes sense from an art budget as well, things would be really sparse in a three-level book.

The last session went pretty well. The players were playing pretty smart, up until the end where George's player got kind of bored and ran in without the rest of the party.

And let us all have a moment of silence for the morlocks. Yeah, no endless looting of the first level, guys. Move along, the low risk treasure is gone. I rolled some dice to see if the Morlocks or the Excellent Elven Edventurers would win in a confrontation, and was secretly thrilled that the EEE won the roll. Now the players have a rival in the dungeon, and they're fairly disgruntled about it. This should prompt the guys to do a bit more planning while looting the dungeon - the stuff they leave behind is going to be hauled out and flaunted by a hated NPC adventuring team.


  1. Those poor Morlocks. They were my favourites :(

  2. Awesome!
    Started rereading my copy of ASE-1 last night gonna have to run this soon. : )