Proximity-Sensing Taunt Recorder

What's up with ASE2-3?  Well, I write at the pace my players explore, because I'm incredibly lazy, and they are firmly focused on the 2nd level right now.  So it's still a work in progress.  I expect them to go deeper any session now, so I'm ramping up efforts on level 3 - plus I need to get a draft to Brian so he can finish up the art.  If I actually focus on writing, there's not too much work left to be done, but you know, lazy.  So very lazy.

I've also joined Trey's online Weird Adventures game.  Google+ is very buggy, but it was a good time anyways - Trey is a good DM.  My guy is Creskin the turban-wearing wizard.  Instead of being sensible and loading up on adventuring gear, I got a tuxedo with his starting money.  Gotta have priorities!

Anyhow here's room #1 from level 3.  This was inspired by the magic mouth illustration in the Player's Handbook.

1. Automated Taunting Machine
Mounted to the southwest wall of this room is a proximity-sensing taunt recorder. If the party has not yet had run-ins with competing adventuring parties, the recording will be of a hinge-headed, reciting “I claim this worthless stretch of dungeon in the name of Lord Pimifus and the Basalt Ziggurat!”

On the other hand, if rival parties of NPC’s have made an appearance, the message will consist of taunts, boasts, and displays of valuable loot the NPC’s have recovered (preferably referencing areas the party has previously passed up or puzzles they were unable to solve).

Proximity-Sensing Taunt Recorder
These devices have a superficial resemblance to God’s Eyes.  They are triangular black plastic screens, 4’ across, with stainless-steel frames.  Protruding from the frame under the screen is a single red button.

Anyone coming within 15’ of a recorder will trigger its pre-recorded video message. These usually involve taunts of some kind or, more rarely, loud noises to alert nearby guards.

Pressing the red button will cause the screen to go black, with the word “RECORDING” displayed in red in the middle of the screen.  While the button is depressed, it will record video and audio, for up to five minutes. This new recording will completely erase the previous message.

These machines are firmly attached to dungeon walls with strong adhesives, and prying them off will almost always damage them. Their power is supplied through bundles of low-voltage wiring, that will be torn out with the recorder should it be removed.


  1. Good to hear Pat. See you on Wednesday you turban wearing mage. And that suit, so shiny.

  2. I bought and read ASE last week. I liked it quite a bit, especially the setting.