Session recap, 3/22/2012

Razoe the Fantra Paladin (2)
Mongo the Fighter (3)
George P. Burdell the Cleric (2) and his henchmen, Slick Eddie the Thief (1) and Seegar the Elf (1)
Gutboy Barrellhouse the Cleric (3), his henchman Trezgar the Elf (1) and his dogs Rufus II and Alpo

Another day, another chance to hire henchman to fight and die in a dark pit of despair.  Cheerfully, George headed off to find another doomed soul for the upcoming subterranean expedition - and Seegar the Elf was soon hired.  Gutboy likewise decided more muscle was necessary, but he bought his - a pair of hounds he named Rufus II and Alpo.

This done, Mongo made the decision that their apartment, while free due to the Ropers' unexplained disappearance, was too dangerous.  Bare human footprints had appeared in the flour he had scattered over the floor while they were in the dungeon, and too many neighbors had gone missing and/or left their brains on the floors of their apartments.  So, a new place was rented, deposits were paid, and valuables were transferred to the Bank Inviolable for safekeeping.

While in line at the bank, Mongo, George, and Gutboy were quite taken with a rakish fantra paladin (whatever that is) by the name of Razoe.  Their instant brotherly bond was overwhelming, and the four decided to open a joint bank account together - what better way to show you trust your newfound best friend.

Deposits made and henchmen hired, the party headed back to the dungeon in search of loot.  There were more tents for various adventuring parties set up on the Chelmsfordshire town square - the three E's of the Excellent Elven Edventurers, a tent with a pink-triangle logo, and a tent with a yellow smiley face.  The tents were vacant - the adventurers had gone off to loot the dungeon.

The trip to Mt. Rendon was uneventful, and the party descended to the second level.  Passing through the first level, they heard the screams of the screech-men off in the distance, but none approached.  The dungeon walls were covered with graffiti - the three competing teams of adventurers had been painting over each other's "tags".  The entrance to the second level (the room with 8 corridors heading off in all directions) had a particularly egregious "tag" - a giant smiley face painted upon the floor.

The party decided to try to track down the treasure lost in the last session - a suitcase full of gold and a shotgun were somewhere within.  They followed the blood trail to the room of cylindrical foam-filled transparent "coffins".  The party examined the few bodies left within the 400 coffins - two nude human men, a nude human female, a skinned human male, a human skeleton, a painted man frozen in the act of trying to claw his way out, and a hideous humanoid with a mouthful of giant fangs.  They then examined the console in the center of the room - it had three dials, each numbered 0 through 9, and a white hemisphere that may have been a button.  There was no treasure visible in the "coffins", just bodies, and George urged the party to ignore the bodies, rather than risk any potential traps.

His arguments were persuasive, and the party followed the blood trail deeper - to the offices of Dr. Giggles.  The trail had gone dry a few side-tunnels before, but they thought perhaps the doctor had gotten hold of the body.  Dr. Giggles sadly informed the party that he had not seen Netal's corpse, but would be greatly indebted to them if they could bring it back so he could preserve the corpse as a medical trophy.

The group decided to abandon the search for Netal, and headed north to a new section of the dungeon.  They confronted animated curtains made of human skins, and slew one with oil.  Following the tunnel behind the corpse curtain, they encountered a carcass scavenger, zombies with knives in their eyes, and 3' tall necromancers in black robes, who damaged Trezgar using knives they stabbed into rag dolls.  They recovered four golden ceremonial daggers from one group of necromancers, and interrupted another who was having his zombies lower something into a deep cavern.  Sadly, whatever they were lowering was lost when the zombies turned to fight the party.

The intrepid group of adventurers finally checked the time - and decided to head back to town with their newly-acquired golden daggers.  The expedition had been quite successful, despite not finding the lost gold bars and shotgun.

Gains: 4 ceremonial gold daggers worth 300 gp each
Kills: 1 corpse curtain, 13 blade zombies, 1 carcass scavenger, 3 necromancers
Losses: none


  1. Wow, no one died. That makes a change :)

  2. I'm suprised how creepy some of these dungeon scenes are. I'm totally imagining Dr. Giggles as Vincent Price.