Evolving Paradigm

Another "special" room. Gill-men have been discussed previously - but let me introduce their evolutionary opposites, the Hyper-men.  Alone, they are weak and pitiful, but in a group they can lay down some serious damage.

38. Evolving Paradigm
In the center of this room is a protonium-metal pedestal, on top of which is attached an uncomfortable-looking stainless steel chair. The arms of the chair are covered with black plastic beads.

An aged plastic console with two knife switches protrudes from the pedestal. One is labeled “Devolve,” and the other “Evolve.”

If a switch is pulled while a creature sits in the chair, they will either evolve or devolve, visibly transforming to their new state. Pulling both switches simultaneously will cause the poor creature to oscillate back and forth between evolutionary states. While either (or both) of the switches are pulled, an impenetrable, glowing field of rainbow hues dances around the chair, and the chair’s occupant will be held immobile.

Devolved characters may go through the “evolve” process to return to normal, and evolved may devolve. If quoted text is present, a mechanical voice recites that text and no transformation occurs.
Elf, Dwarf, HalflingGoblin“Hybridization prevents further analysis”
Goblin“Further regession impossible”Hive Mind (unless a devolved elf / dwarf / halfling, in which case the subject will return to his normal state)
Gill-man“Further regression impossible”Human
Hyper-ManHuman“Maximum evolution achieved”
MoktarHousecat“Maximum evolution achieved”
Insect-Man“Insufficient mammalian DNA”“Insufficient mammalian DNA”

The options listed above are not comprehensive, and it is left to the referee’s discretion on how to deal with other species and states of evolution.

Monsters transformed into higher or lower states will not experience a change in personality, and will likely be quite upset about their transformation.

No. Enc: 1d4 (5d4)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 0’
  Fly: 30’ (10’)
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: Weapon, or mental blast
Damage: By weapon, or 1d4
Save: F3
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: XVI
XP: 95

Hyper-men represent the evolutionary endpoint of mankind: narrow frowning faces, oversized foreheads and skulls to accommodate their advanced brains, and tiny infant-like bodies dangling below their bald heads.

Hyper-men would be physically helpless if not for their incredible mental prowess. They use their psychic abilities to float in mid-air, and are able to slowly move about in any direction. They do not speak with their mouths – rather, they broadcast their thoughts directly into the minds of anyone standing within 30’. They are unable to read thoughts, however – only broadcast them.

Hyper-men only have 1 hp, but they maintain a constant field of mental energy to deflect blows and reduce damage. It is this field that is represented by the bulk of their hit points and their armor class. The field regenerates at a rate of 1 hp per round when damaged.

In combat, hyper-men may use their minds to manipulate weapons as if they had hands – these weapons must be kept within 3’ of their bodies to be used effectively however. They may also choose to use a mental blast, causing 1d4 points of damage to all non-hyper-men within a 10’ radius if the victims fail a save vs. magic.


  1. Very good!!!

    The evolucionary chair is a great idea

  2. So what would happen to PC that turns in to gill-man or hyper-man character levels wise? I don't know if any of players in group I'm running would be exactly happy that their character turns in to scaly degenerate but hyper-man sort of screams real ultimate wizarding power to me.

    1. I'd let them keep their levels etc. Being a slow-moving oversized floating head has enough downsides that I'm not worried about it ruining the game.

  3. I'm going to swap the Moktar results so that the housecat is the “Maximum evolution achieved.”