The best part of that session was...

The best part of that session was Theopolis's rampant henchman abuse.  Using his high CHA, he bamboozled Terrence and Phillip, the two guards who abandoned their duties and then returned to rip off their (presumably dead) employer, into hunting around for the highly radioactive stone.  He was then planning to watch them from a distance to see how long it took them to get sick and die, when Rollo Jr. came up and starting shouting "get away!", ruining his nasty little plan.

He considered this all in tune with his Lawful alignment, because "they were jerks and had it coming" or something to that effect.  I'm not sure that Lawful is the best alignment choice here...

Strangely Rollo Jr. is Chaotic, and yet is saving the XP sponges henchmen.

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