Yet more new stuff arrived

Bunch of new stuff arrived in the past few days.  This pretty much empties my wallet, no more game purchases this year. I was curious to see somebody else's megadungeon, which is why I bought Stonehell. Haven't done more than flip through the pages so far, it's an interesting approach to a published dungeon - there's a bunch of thematic content about a level, and then the actual room keys are very very brief. Anyhow this isn't a review blog, so that's probably the last you'll here from me on the subject in this blog - I'm just listing these as they are materials I'm using for inspiration. Plus, look at the pretty pictures! Blogs need pretty pictures!

Labyrinth Lord hardcover

Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion hardcover (just for the monsters & spells, sticking to straight LL for the rest of the rules)

Stonehell Dungeon

Fight On! #9

Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen

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