Session recap, 9/8/2010

Taken verbatim from the email to my players:


Here is a recap of tonight's events

The world as our players know it, is separated into city-states, each ruled by a powerful wizard.  Wizards are horribly mutated figures, wielding unimaginable powers.  The players have started in the tiny village of Chelmsfordshire, on the river Chelms, which is about 15 miles from its governing city, Denethix.  The city-state Denethix has an unusually lenient wizard as a ruler (although still horrible to behold, he is said to have a jet-black face, featureless except for a ring of seven eyes).  The wizard lets an elected council run the city's affairs.

Rollo the Dwarf and Theopolis the Fighter were sitting in a tavern in Chelmsfordshire, when a couple of caravan guards, bleeding and filthy, burst through the door, shouting that their caravan had just been attacked by the moktars.  After sighting the two warriors, the guards brought them into their confidence, saying that a rich merchant with a massive, heavy chest that must be filled with gold was with the caravan.  If they acted fast, they could catch up to the moktars and split the riches, now that the merchant was surely slain.  After some negotiating, Rollo and Theopolis agreed to 17% shares each of the spoils.
The burnt wagon of the caravan (perhaps "caravan" was an exaggeration) and a few bodies were found in the forest to the west, and a trail left by the moktars led south to a doorway carved into a cliffside.  Exploring inside, a pit trap was found, with a few sickly moktars nearby as guards.  Rollo and Theopolis led the attack, with many more (strangely sickly) moktars dying under Rollo's blade, but the horde eventually killed him, tossing his body into the pit.  More moktars kept arriving as reinforcements, and by the time the fight ended, 7 moktars were slain, and 2 moktars and a wolf were trapped in the pit.

Searching further into the underground complex, Theopolis and the caravan guards find the merchant, lying near death, covered with sores, and shouting at them to get him out quickly, that there was poison!  After pulling the merchant outside, the merchant gave Theopolis a map, and said that the key was the "sick rock" he had kept in his lead chest.  Before he could explain further, he died.

Theopolis sent the caravan guards inside to look for any kind of strange rock, while he brought the merchant's body back to town.  Theopolis then went off in the woods to wait and see what happened when and if the guards found the rock.  Eventually they came back outside with a large yellow stone.  As they did, Rollo Jr, Rollo's long-lost son, came up, finally ending his search for his father.  Rollo Jr, with his gigantic black dwarven eyes (and gray dwarven skin by the way), is able to see outside the normal spectrum and sees the "sick light" coming from the yellow stone.  He shouts at everyone to get back.

After convincing everyone to stay away from the stone, the party went back inside the complex, and found & killed the moktar war chieftain, also quite sickly.  They found a corridor with a lever at one end, and a dead end at the other, but with a large steel plate in the floor.  Deciding to deal with the trapped moktars and the wolf first, they poured oil into the pit and lit it.

At this point our session ended.  See you all in 2 weeks (Sept 23rd)

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