Another Pit Trap

As I create monsters and encounters, I have to watch myself, because I unconsciously latch onto certain ideas and reuse them.  You've seen that in previous posts, with the similarities between the giant earwigs and the polychaete worms, between the greater automaton abomination and gorillapede (both splitting into multiple creatures), and now with pit traps that drop players into cages.  By the time they get here, it will have been quite a long time since the last one, so I'm not worrying too much about it.  Plus, I like this refined version much better, as the pit closes itself shut, trapping whoever fell in.  Then wandering monsters get to come by and get fresh adventurer meat from the vending machine above.

191. Pit Trap, with Viewing and Taunting
The two corridors here do NOT intersect.  The north-south corridor runs underneath the east-west corridor.  At this point, in the east-west corridor, there is a pit trap.  This trap is triggered when a character places their weight in the center of the trap.  Then, the trap will drop them into a 10’ deep pit, with an iron grate for a floor, and they will take 1d6 points of damage from the fall.  After the characters fall in, the pit’s lid will swing shut again.

The iron grate is pressure-sensitive, and while there is weight on it, the trap door to the pit, above, will no longer open.

The iron grate that is the floor of the pit, is also the ceiling of the north-south corridor.  There is a lever in western wall of the corridor beneath the pit, in the “up” position, that can be pushed down to cause the grate to open and spill its contents onto the corridor floor (causing another 1d6 points of damage unless the characters somehow prevent themselves from falling).

The commotion of falling into the pit has a 50% chance of attracting 1d6 tunnel caterpillars from room 199, who will squirm about on the floor beneath the pit trap, hoping for a meal should the characters successfully open the grate.

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