Gatehouse map with symbols and numbers

The gatehouse map is done.  I made a Moldvay-style symbol catalog - it turns out that it's pretty easy to do.  I had to redo half the symbols because I didn't test the first door I created, because there are some bugs in how the symbol control points work.  Chances are you have no idea what that means, but my solution was to just not use symbol control points.  So I spent a few hours reworking some symbols, and popped them into the map.

The other two bugs I noticed were:

a. When printing to the printer, the doors are solid black, instead of white outlined with black.  Maybe CC3 fixes this, or maybe it's my printer driver.
b. When saving as a JPG, some of the diagonal lines turn a little "jagged", you can see a few spots like that near the octagonal rooms.

So here's the completed map, click to make it larger.  It definitely looks computer-generated, I don't know how I'd make it look more hand-sketched.  So a little sterile, but way more useful for a PDF than a scan of the hand-drawn original.


  1. I occassionally have similar problems with converting CC3 to jpeg. I have no idea why. I think it may only be some custom toolsets that have this problem, but just because I haven't noticed any discrepancies with other maps doesn't mean they arn't there.

  2. I'm going to install an EMF printer driver, then print to an EMF file. I should be able to embed that in a Word document (along with the key to the level), and then print all that out to a PDF using a PDF printer driver.

    If all goes well, that Rube Goldberg contraption should result in a perfect PDF. I'll find out how well theory transfers to practice over the next week.