Death Frost Doom

This isn't really a full-blown post, just a quick follow-up comment.  I read through Death Frost Doom yesterday, and I like this one.  It has the usual death traps, but I don't get the vibe that the players are being arbitrarily punished, for several reasons (some of which are SPOILERS so you might want to move along):

1. Many of the effects the players hit early on are non-lethal, and can be dealt with via remove curse and other typical remedies
2. Where the effects are lethal, there's often a repetition of the same trap, but with increasingly bad consequences (e.g. the inscriptions in Duvan'Ku)
3. Most of the nasty things going on actually appear nasty, and the players ought to know better, so they'll blame themselves if they goof it all up
4. A lot of the traps actually appear as traps or puzzles (e.g. coins on the children's crypt door).  So there are quality hints that the players need to be figuring things out.

I find I like this a lot better than Tower of the Stargazer or the pirate lair in Weird New World.  If players blame their own stupidity when bad things happen, then I'm happy.

I could drop this in my campaign and it would fit right in with the traps & tricks I put into my own encounters.  And if they get bored of the megadungeon, Death Frost Doom will definitely be on the menu.

Anyhow, this isn't a review blog, so it'll be all content all the time again with the next post.

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