All Proceeds to Charity thru Dec 25th

From Dec 1st thru Dec 25th, all proceeds (that I get - Lulu keeps their cut of course) from sales of ASE1 and ASE2-3 will be going to charity. Yes, I realize Dec 1st is yesterday, and Dec 2nd is almost over - timely announcements are not my strong suit!

Which charity, you ask?  Village2Village - they help children in need in Uganda. It's a small charity, and I've met w/ Laurie, who runs it, a couple of times - so I'm confident that all money donated is well spent.

So if you haven't picked up an ASE, do it now and help support a good cause!  Already got one, or just don't like gonzo, or feel moved to do more? Please consider a donation to Village2Village directly - they are helping people who desperately need it.

Here's a video that shows a bit more of what V2V is all about:


  1. That's awesome, Pat! Do you know how Lulu coupons would impact the amounts donated, if at all?


    1. Lulu coupons have no impact on the amount donated whatsoever - use them at will! Lulu eats all coupon costs themselves.

  2. Really nice gesture Pat. I was planning on getting a copy of ASE 2 after the holidays, but I'll see if I can swing it early to support your gesture.

  3. Cool, I was thinking of getting the print version after holidays but think I'll buy it in this window of time.