Down to level 4

When my group hit the fourth level, I had nothing but a blank sheet of paper waiting for them. So, the dice got rolled, and it was... werewolves. They killed the one werewolf and then fearfully retreated back to the third level.

So ASE2-3 is done, which means I've got all this free time. Oh wait, the players are heading ever downwards... no rest for me.  So let's hash this out.

Fourth level:  we've got Hinge-Headed and their Basalt Ziggurat, in a big ol' cave.  The Deep Tower runs through it as well, but it's only got some observation windows - no real interaction there.  There are Neanderthal slave-quarters arranged in neat rows around the Ziggurat, and palm tree-lined avenues.

The Dark Smokers need some representation too, so I'll have to chuck in those weirdos somewhere.  Medusas are 4 HD, and I've left their remains on the 2nd and 3rd levels - well, Medusas are "in".  And, Werewolves, as determined by dice.

So interesting factions will be:

a. Hinge-Headed.  Their section of the dungeon is largely inside the Ziggurat

b. Neanderthals.  Mostly slaves. They are busy excavating more dungeon for the Hinge-Headed - and are just about to break through into a cavern containing a Monolith.  Because caveman need monoliths.  There is a small group of escapees lurking about as potential allies for the players (or maybe the players will rat them out to the Hinge-Headed in an attempt to curry favor)

c. Medusas. This isn't really a faction, just a nest of them.  There will need to be rumors of big Medusa treasure, because otherwise no sane player would go after them.  They'll need to get spruced up a bit too, standard Medusae are booooring - they'll be the Gorgona sisters, who constantly eject their stone-gazed daughters to wander the dungeon.  They'll have some extra abilities and weirdness above their normal Medusa children.

d. Werewolves. They occupy the area around the secret tomb of the King, and are headquartered in the Jungle Room.  They are led by their chief, Warren, and their hair is perfect.  There is large chunk of moon rock hanging in an exhibit room - illuminating it with Klieg lights generates enough lunar radiance to turn them into wolfmen. Control of this room is critical to them

e. Dark Smokers. They will have a barter-town sub-level. It will have heavy representation from the lower levels. Dracula's minions (Renfield et al) will be there, among others

f. Rust Monster Lab.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  I'm laughing just thinking about this one

g. Viscous pit-bulls, crawling from the slime pits uncovered by unwise Hinge-Headed excavations (thanks Gusty for the awesome typo)

I need another major faction - the only major forces are Hinge-Headed and Werewolves right now, the Medusas and Dark Smokers are just sideshows.


  1. How about a deranged computer controlling a battalion of robotic workers (and maybe warriors)?

  2. A group of Amish-like people who shut technology and are protected by some kind of powerful technology (force field, laser turrets, etc) they believe to be the will of their harvest-based god/goddess. They won't allow any technology on their land, including magic items. (They think any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology)

    Unfortunately, the main entrance to Level 5 is located smack in the middle of their territory...

  3. Owlbears. And Bearowls. And Chickenlizards. And Spidergoats. And Manscorpions. And Clowngators. It's the Hidden Vats of Professor Emeritus Franklin Steen, the Science Apostate! And he needs YOU... for his vats!

  4. Scorpionmans?

    SPOREpions? (Tail releases cloud of toxic spores)

  5. Man-scorpions? They are going to rock you like a hurricane!

  6. My LBB tabled say: ogres (frankenstiens!), centaurs(Manscorpians! Cyborgtaurs!), wraiths, unicorns and evil priests. Personally evil priests seem solid - like a corrupt godseyr that isn't talking to satelittes - but is talking to either a buried military ai or an actual elder god... also hill giants.

  7. Deranged computer/AI is deeper, that's down by the Saturn V rocket, so you can launch it into space and make a new god. Or just blow it to smithereens, if that's what the players want.

    Lots to chew on here, thanks for all the suggestions fellas!

  8. I have question/suggestion: Can the neanderthals contract lycanthropy? If so what will they change to monster dire wolf or cave hyena?

  9. Huh, I don't know. Maybe koala bears.

    I suppose they will be fed on a steady diet of belladonna by their masters to prevent accidental lycanthropy. Deadly poisonous, but either the Neanderthals build up a tolerance, or the Hinge-Headed just don't care about the fatalities.

  10. Ηi Patrick! You can't possibly read greek I'm sure of that still....http://labyrinthos.info/rpg/dnd/kritiki-vivlion/item/202-anomalous-subsurface-environment-ase-1.html

    I've made a review of ASE-1 . Needless to say it's a positive one !(5/5)
    The site isn't officially up (well, it is but we haven't made it widely known yet) but will be soon :)


    1. Thanks Κωστης! I don't speak a word of Greek, but Google Translate does a good enough job - you're very kind, and I'm glad you're enjoying ASE1!