Denethix city map, hand-drawn

I spent a little time drawing a crude map of Denethix, the big city that the players just traipsed through (and that I described earlier in this post).

The wizard's tower is in the center, between the Palais Immaculate and the Palais Indomitable, in the middle of a large open square.

The River Pristine flows to a natural waterfall and down into a massive gorge, that becomes the River Effluent.  The city's sewers (the City Underfoot) drain right out through the cliff walls of the gorge, pouring filth down into the river below.

That "dotted line" section of the gorge is where a series of bridges and platforms have been built, spanning the gorge, effectively creating fashionable real estate for the upper-middle-class who can't quite afford the Street of Upright Living.  It also allows thieves, the Society of the Luminous Spark, and other miscreants to crawl around underneath that section of the city, and provides an easy way to dispose of bodies for those who own buildings above.

The waterfall will have turbines strung across it, capturing the energy from the water flowing down and sending the electricity up to power the wizard's tower, and the rest of the city.

The scale of the map is 250' per square.  Overall, the city covers somewhat over a square mile of area.  The most disreputable sorts live on the outer fringes, and in general wealth is concentrated in the center of the city.

This thing is going to be a pain to convert to CC2.  So many tiny little buildings to draw in all those empty spaces.  I don't want to leave wide open spaces like I've got now, that doesn't look very artsy-fartsy.

I've got a question posted at the ProFantasy forums about whether I can publish maps for profit using the CC2/CD2/DD2 symbols.  Hasn't been an issue with the dungeon maps, those are all custom symbols I drew myself.  I'd hate to have to draw up building symbols as well, but if that's what's required, that's what I'll do.

Click to enlarge the picture.

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