Game Stuff For Sale (to fund art)

Artists cost money, so I'm unloading a bunch of game stuff.  There's some 1st edition AD&D stuff, and some shameful things (yeah 4th edition, I'm looking at you - never buy before reading again...).  It's all up for sale on eBay now.  Not too much of interest to an old school gamer beyond the Cthulhu version of Deities & Demigods, and maybe the Stormbringer/Elric! stuff.

This is 81 items, which means it's going to be a nightmare shipping this stuff out.  Oh well, I need the cash to fund the megadungeon publication, and I never use this stuff, so off it goes.  After this batch sells, I'll put up some of the random boxed sets of stuff I've got laying around.

You can see the auctions here:  http://shop.ebay.com/patrick5/m.html

1st edition D&D
Deities & Demigods with Cthulhu Mythos
Manual of the Planes
Oriental Adventures
Dungeoneer's Survival Guide
Wilderness Survival Guide
Greyhawk Adventures

2nd edition D&D
The Sea Devils
I, Tyrant
The Illithiad
2nd Edition AD&D World Builder's Guidebook
2nd Edition AD&D The Dungeon of Death
2nd Edition AD&D A Paladin in Hell
2nd Edition AD&D Return to White Plume Mountain
2nd Edition AD&D Vecna Lives!
2nd Edition AD&D Vecna Reborn
2nd Edition AD&D Die Vecna Die!
2nd Edition AD&D Guide to Hell
2nd Edition AD&D Dungeon Builder's Guidebook
2nd Edition AD&D The Apocalypse Stone
2nd Edition AD&D Reverse Dungeon
2nd Edition AD&D The Shattered Circle
2nd Edition AD&D The Lost Shrine of Bundushatur
2nd Edition AD&D Birthright King of the Giantdowns
2nd Edition AD&D Against the Giants
2nd Edition AD&D Axe of the Dwarvish Lords
2nd Edition AD&D The Scarlet Brotherhood
2nd Edition AD&D Return to the Keep on the Borderlands
2nd Edition AD&D Slavers
2nd Edition AD&D Iuz the Evil

3rd edition D&D
d20 Bonegarden
d20 Hell in Freeport
d20 DCC #2 Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho
Death in Freeport
Terror in Freeport
d20 Madness in Freeport
d20 Three Days to Kill
d20 Legions of Hell
d20 Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil

4th edition D&D
4th Edition Monster Manual
4th Edition Player's Handbook
4th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide

Stormbringer/Elric stuff
d20 Dragon Lords of Melnibone (Elric)
d20 Slaves of Fate (Elric, Dragon Lords of Melnibone)
Stormbringer - Stealer of Souls
Stormbringer - Black Sword
Stormbringer - Rogue Mistress
Stormbringer - Sorcerers of Pan Tang
Stormbringer - Perils of the Young Kingdoms
Stormbringer - Sea Kings of the Purple Towns
Elric! Dark Fantasy Roleplaying
Elric! - Melnibone
Elric! - Gamemaster Screen
Elric! - Fate of Fools
Elric! - The Bronze Grimoire
Elric! - Atlas of the Young Kingdoms
Elric! - Sailing on the Seas of Fate
Elric! - The Unknown East

Deadlands Hell On Earth
Deadlands Hell On Earth Wasted West RPG 6000
Deadlands Hell On Earth Radiation Screen
Deadlands Hell On Earth Hell or High Water
Deadlands Hell On Earth Brainburners
Deadlands Hell On Earth Children o' the Atom
Deadlands Hell On Earth Road Warriors
Deadlands Hell On Earth The Last Crusaders
Deadlands Hell On Earth The Junkman Cometh
Deadlands Hell On Earth The Wasted West 6005

Hackmaster 4th edition
Hackmaster 4th Edition B1 Quest for the Unknown
Hackmaster 4th Ed. B2 Little Keep on the Borderlands
Hackmaster 4th Edition Smackdown the Slavers
Hackmaster 4th Edition G1-3 Annihilate the Giants
Hackmaster 4th Edition Hacklopedia of Beasts Volume 1
Hackmaster 4th Edition Hacklopedia of Beasts Volume 2
Hackmaster 4th Edition Hacklopedia of Beasts Volume 3
Hackmaster 4th Edition Player's Handbook
Hackmaster 4th Edition Gamemaster's Guide
Hackmaster 4th Edition Gamemaster's Shield

Miscellaneous RPGs
Ars Magica rulebook
Pandemonium Adventures in Tabloid World rpg rulebook
MERP Middle Earth Roleplaying 2nd Edition
Shadowrun Third Edition rpg rulebook
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs rpg rulebook


  1. Its nice to see that you've kept these in good condition all these years. I see a few things I like, thanks.

  2. Yeah, I'm watching a few of them myself. By the way, what sort of artwork do you need? Hit my blog if you want to see some samples, maybe we can work out a barter deal.

  3. That's good stuff scadgrad, yes we can work something in barter if you want. Your outdoor maps beat what CC2 can do for sure, and there's plenty of room for interior illustrations of scenes from the module and the bazillion custom monsters - what I've got Brian doing right now is just the cover and an interior cross section of a room that was hard to represent on the map.