In a mapping mood, and other news

I'm in a mapping mood, so sadly there won't be too many content posts over the next week.  I'm converting the level 2 map into CC2, after which I will add some detail.  Then I'll probably work on the level 3 map, and a city map of Denethix.  As these come together, I'll post them, but posting frequency will go down to "every couple of days" instead of "nearly every day."

In other news, I have commissioned some cover art (and an interior piece to illustrate one of the more compliated rooms) from Brian "Glad" Thomas for my PDF of level 1.  I'm totally psyched up about that, Brian is my favorite OSR artist.

I expect that the PDF will be ready in January, February at the latest.  The key is all done, but I want to put in some setting information too.  Not too much, just a few pages, plus whatever info I put together for the city of Denethix.  It's all optional stuff.  Some people might want it, though, since a) this megadungeon is intended to be a campaign focus, so a nearby town is always useful, and b) it's chock full of super-science (robots, radioactive materials, hologram projectors, etc) so it doesn't drop into more "generic" fantasy locales like the Forgotten Realms very easily.

All optional stuff, but I want to be thorough.  The point of running someone else's module is to make life easier for yourself, so it might help somebody.

After all that, I will give away the first level PDF for free.  I'll also put a PDF and print version on Lulu for sale.  This version will have ONE EXTRA ROOM.  It's pretty much just a way for people to donate cash for art.  And to get that glorious one extra room.

Long term, I'll put out level 2 (and maybe level 3) as free PDF's (with Lulu counterparts for the donation-minded), and then put out a "big book" covering levels 1-5 with tons of art (as budget allows) for all the custom monsters and the more interesting locales in the dungeon.

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