Level 3 map, hand-drawn

Another gigantic map.  Like level 2, it's not yet done in the "cavern" area - which in this case is a gigantic lake.  I'm pretty sure I messed up some of the stairs too, so I need to go over those and make sure it all works out.  Right now the upper right section of the dungeon is way too high above the level of the lake, that's supposed to be a gently sloping stony beach on the far right, not a plummet of death.

The big lake on the right floods the bulk of the dungeon with water, about two and a half feet high, the water running down the stairs at area 50.  It slowly drains out at area 21, with subterranean fissures in the drainage system (not drawn on map) causing the pool outside the dungeon entrance at area 20 (see the little searchlight drawings?)

There are tons of flooded 30' wide corridors with rounded ends.  I decided to stick a bunch of niches with statues in the upper left, and when I counted the remaining rounded ends there were eight - same as the number of niches.  So there will be some kind of scavenger-hunt puzzle involving the eight statues at the corridor ends, and the eight statues in the niches.

Oh, and notice the hangway on the sandy beach at location 138.

This is another massive level.  It's going to be an interesting exercise trying to figure out how to get this legibly printing in an 8.5" x 11" book.  I might split all the maps into multiple pages, with 1/4" squares.  None of them were drawn with splitting in mind, so it'll be a trick to get it down neatly.

Here's the third level in total, Photobucket shrank it quite a bit so it's hard to read (click to enlarge of course):

Here's the upper left piece of paper:

Here's the lower center section of the map:

And here's the lake:


  1. That's a lot of map. Have you started to write the rooms yet?

  2. Nope, haven't even started keying the second level yet. I'm pretty quick about keying though, it should all get done within the next few weeks.