PrimEvil Studios

One of my players bought a boatload of minis from Mega-Miniatures - I got in on the deal and bought a few dogs.  He then wanted them painted, so a bunch went off to PrimEvil Studios.  I tossed in some of my older minis that were suffering lead rot, plus my poor broken chest-bearer.  The finished results just arrived in the mail.

Ed did a fantastic job painting them.  Here's Netal the elf, Justin the dwarf, and P.W. the halfling, along with a bunch of dogs to do their fighting for them.

And here's a bunch of other guys that Netal's player bought.  Ninjas?  Not sure what he's thinking...

And here's some of my original Grenadier guys, now painted


  1. PrimEvil did a wonderful job. How much did they charge?

  2. I'm impressed man, you did a terrific job with these minis! I mean, they are simple but look great. I love the Lizard Men in particular \m/

  3. @Icarus - $5 a mini. Dogs were cheaper.

    @Il Male - wasn't me! All I did was put them in a box and mail them to Ed over at PrimEvil. I have no talent for this kind of stuff.

  4. Ups, I've lost the related sentence in your post – I was like *_* -ing the pics :D