Victory Dance

When the three henchmen bit the dust last session, I stood up and did a victory dance.  Sometimes it's hard to be an impartial referee.

That trap worked out really well - it was inspired by the scarab beetles from The Mummy, and I figured the players would just wade in and toss flaming oil and that'd be the end of it.  Of course, I didn't count on Gutboy's player being so stingy with his cure light wounds spells, which left two vulnerable henchmen, and a henchman who only had 1 hp max anyhow.  "Nom nom nom, delicious!" said the beetles...  The ridiculously uncoordinated second attempt at slaying the beetles was just icing.  Jam a rag in & light the oil BEFORE you throw, gentlemen...

The bit about dwarves sharing the one woman born per generation was just tossed in for laughs.  Who knows, it might come up later in a visit to a dwarven stronghold - assuming the players ever leave the dungeon.

Most of them are quite happy with just heading into the dungeon and back out again, although Justin's player seemed surprised that they were heading back in again.  I'll need to cook up some short alternative adventures in case they start getting punchy.

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  1. It was a masterful way to off some hirelings, you deserved to dance! Heck, just reading about it I danced a little too!