20% off ASE1 til June 13th, and What's Next

So two things:

First (and this is a big reason why I chose Lulu over RPGnow), Lulu is having another one of their sales.  Until June 13th, enter code TOP305 at checkout and get 20% off!  So if you haven't purchased ASE1 yet, do it now and save save save!

The second thing is What's Next.  So I've got the first level published, and you want to know (well at least Melan wanted to know, so I'll assume you're all interested) what's the next thing to happen.  I'm working on the 2nd/3rd levels, and possibly the 4th, for the next installment.  I'll stop & publish when things hit 80-100 pages, which is the sweet spot for Lulu publishing.  I've got the maps for the 2nd & 3rd levels done, and I have a really sketchy key of the 2nd level that I need to flesh out.  As I write it out in more detail I'll be back to posting the various encounters & monsters, like I was doing a few months ago.  I expect that part deux will be out before the end of the year.

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  1. Where have I been? I just heard about this by scouting Grognardia. Congratulations! This sounds like a must have and I will be grabbing this ASAP.