I just watched a marathon of the greatest television show ever made - Miami Vice.  Just a few episodes, so it wasn't a marathon for me personally, but the taste is sweet all the same.

So naturally I'm going to have to figure out how to translate Miami Vice into a dungeon.  Flavoring the dungeon dressing is easy - art deco & pastels.  The hard part is the characters - how does a pair of too-cool detectives translate into the dungeon?  And Lt. Castillo.  Can't leave him out.  I'm thinking they'll be the cloning facility's crime division.  So somewhere on the fourth level.

Of course such a ridiculous idea has to be treated with absolute seriousness.  Playing stupid ideas for laughs really cheapens the experience - it's only when really bad ideas are presented earnestly that they truly blossom.


  1. lol Miami Vice into a dungeon...man that should be interesting. Of course you've going to need a soundtrack for the dungeon all on cassette tapes!

  2. Scumbag holding gun to girl's head: "Man, if I even twitch I'll blow this kid's head off!"

    Crockett: "Maybe you won't even twitch." Bang.

  3. Hey, replace the hadgun with a wanf of missiles and it all fits.

  4. I remember this being done with the D&D gazetteer for the Principalities of Glantri, complete with gondolas and wands of fireballs. Go for it!!

  5. Two characters, operating under Charter from the local Duke or King, tasked with investigating trouble and preventing chaos in the outlying villages of the kingdom.

    A fighter and a magic-user.

    You could fit this into a 'borderland' area. The local nobility can't afford to keep garrisons in every trouble spot, so they employ these two specialists to 'handle trouble'.

    For the 'vice' angle, it could be that a new allegiance with a neighboring, lawful kingdom can't be threatened by public outcries or hysteria, so the pair have to keep things discrete and report only to the captain of the guard.