Temple of Sorrow

121.b.  Temple of Sorrow

Covered with crawling blue fungus-vines is an ancient marble temple.  The windowless building has a single entrance on the southern wall.  Within, the roof is supported by two rows of Doric columns.  This is the Temple of Sorrow, and is the home of an Eater of Woe.

Those who enter and are suitably sorrowful (a companion PC or henchman has died in the last 3 days) will see an apparition of the deceased.  This apparition is a product of the Eater of Woe’s feeding upon their sorrow.  Their hearts will lighten as their grief is digested, granting a +1 on all “to hit” rolls and saving throws for the next 24 hours.  Those affected will definitely note that their joy is unnatural in origin.  After a few minutes, the apparition will begin to decay and crumble in upon itself.  The agony upon the apparition’s face as it corrodes does nothing to reduce the supernatural joy of its former friends and colleagues.

If no one in the party is sorrowful, the Eater of Woe will manifest itself as a telepathic command to “GO FORTH AND BRING ME YOUR SORROW!”  The famished Eater’s urgent order causes nose bleeds, quivering, and 1 hp of damage per round to those within the Temple, until either they depart or someone dies, causing a fresh source of sorrow.  Such a victim must, of course, be actually missed by the survivors.

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