The Fear Strikes

So, the fear struck the players big time this last session.  They had received explicit instructions on where they could get a big bug, but stood around the well wondering about all the ways that things could go wrong.

They started exploring side corridors instead, and found a small stash of treasure (yes, the Mona Lisa, etc - Mongo's player shouted out "We found the Louvre?!?"), and then they headed towards some other corridors they had found weeks ago when P.W. the halfling, who was mapping at the time, fell into a pit that sealed up on top of him.  I didn't let them map while they rushed around trying to find another way to get  to P.W. way back when, so they thought it was a whole new area.  I got bored, though, and told them they'd already been there and that they weren't going to be finding anything.  Not very old school, but the mood wasn't right for pointless fumbling around like that.  You have to know when to break the rules.

So back to the big hole, more staring and trying to figure out how to get down - a plan is hatched, and then we look at the clock.  Sorry, time's up, everybody out of the dungeon so I can get some sleep...

Well, next session they may actually enter the second level of the dungeon...

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  1. This kind of things happen ^^

    Some months ago I had my party exploring every single inch of an empty room for more than a hour, because of some "blood spots" I had randomly rolled on the DMG dungeon dressing tables. It ended with a TPK two rooms later: they got the "blood spots means danger" but definitely didn't get the "80's b-movie fog at your knees means a horde of zombies"...