More Lemmy

Hidden in the second level is a tomb.  No bodies lie within, but seven funerary statues stand along the walls.  The largest statue depicts a man with muttonchops and a prominent mole.

I draw a huge amount of inspiration from Blair's Planet Algol, so much so that I have to expunge stuff that my unconscious deeply wants to plagiarize when I'm working on my megadungeon.  My "Exotic Intoxicants" submission to the Fight On! random table contest was a victim of this, I realized after submission that the resemblances between one entry and Gamma Orichalcum were way too close, and I had to email some last minute corrections to Calithena.  The Tomb of Metal predates my Algol obsession though - my Lemmy fascination is all my own.


  1. Lemmy - THE ROCK GOD! Charlie Sheen only wishes he'd done as many drugs and women as the Lemmy has. :)

  2. I proudly wear a Motorhead hat everywhere I go. Lemmy is awesome on toast.