Well, if you've gotten here by a google search for your science report, this will not be helpful to you. Sorry. And please do not actually suck on lanthanides, the results described below are entirely fictional and you will probably die in some horrible way that is new to medical science.

Chance of addiction: 15% per use
Cost: 1,000 gp

The lanthanides are the most sought-after of narcotics.  They are sold as half-inch spheres of pure, unoxidized metal.  The consumer coats the sphere liberally in an electrolytic jelly and places it into his mouth, where it slowly dissolves into bright blue sparks and liquid metal.

Reckless (-1d3 WIS, +4 morale)
Strong (+1d3 STR)
Healthy (+1d3 CON)
Extreme Euphoria
Hallucinatory Visions (20% chance of causing effects of confusion spell during any combat)
Hunger for More - has a 50% chance of going for another dose if available.  4 doses in a short period of time is enough to cause the user to enter a coma for 1d3 days (75%) or simply die (25%).

The effects of the lanthanides last for 3d4 hours.

Each particular lanthanide element has its own individual effect as well – see the table of Additional Lanthanide Effects below.

Addiction: Lanthanide addicts may be identified by the metallic coating on their teeth.

Withdrawal: Lanthanide withdrawal causes a loss of 1d3 DEX per day until withdrawal ends (20% chance per day) or 0 DEX is reached (at which point the addict dies).  Hafnium use will prevent lanthanide withdrawal.  Using a lanthanide (or hafnium) after withdrawal results in immediate re-addiction.

Additional Lanthanide Effects
Roll 2d8 to determine the particular lanthanide
2.YtterbiumSkin extrudes thin metal coating, giving bonus of -1 to armor class
3.ErbiumUser’s flesh becomes invulnerable to damage from fire or heat (although his belongings may still be damaged)
4.DysprosiumUser may breathe out metallic fumes once per dose taken, that will coalesce into a small metal object (such as a dagger)
5.GadoliniumConsumer’s ancestors, despite his drug-addled behavior, deign to assist him. Their whispered advice gives the consumer +1 on attack rolls
6.SamariumIncreased pheromone production gives -4 reaction check bonus with persons of the opposite sex
7.NeodymiumConsumer is pain-free, and may fight until -10 hit points (at which point death occurs, of course)
8.CeriumUser has ability to consume anything he can chew, with no harm (including poison), and an appetite to match
9.LanthanumUser gains metal-sight – the ability to see metal behind up to 1’ of stone or earth
10.PraseodymiumThoughts of all those within 30’ appear briefly written in blazing metal upon the consumer’s bare skin
11.PromethiumUser’s metal-coated lungs no longer need to breathe, and he is immune to drowning, poison gas, green dragon breath, etc
12.EuropiumUser can detect presence of lanthanides within 120’ by their enticing metallic aroma
13.TerbiumUser has a healing touch, and is able to extrude metal stitching and bandaging to heal himself or another of 1d8 points of damage once per dose taken
14.HolmiumConsumer becomes invisible to demi-liches and other extra-dimensional visitors that may be seeking him out
15.ThuliumUser sweats pure gold. 5d4 gold pieces may be recovered (10d4 on a hot day)
16.LutetiumUser gains a poisonous metallic bite (1 point of damage, save vs. poison or die)

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