Sewage Lichen

Another fictional intoxicant.  In our mundane world, I expect this would just make you violently ill.  In gonzo world, it's all the rage amongst the begging class.

Sewage Lichen
Change of Addiction: 10% per use, cumulative
Cost: 5 cp

This foul growth is consumed by the dregs of the city.  The lichen grows exclusively on the dry ceilings of sewer tunnels, feeding off the miasma from the sewage passing below.  It is scraped off and mashed into an intoxicating paste.

Repulsive (-1d3 CHA) for 24 hours.  Addicts are permanently repulsive and do not lose additional CHA.
Stupid (-1d6 INT, -1d6 WIS) for 24 hours

Addiction:  Addicts may be noted by their brown teeth and feces-breath.  Successful withdrawal cures the breath, but the tooth-browning is permanent.  The addict is permanently repulsive (-3 CHA).  An addict who has gone through withdrawal is only mildly repulsive (-1 CHA).

Withdrawal:  Sewage lichen addicts require a dose every day, otherwise they suffer from a massive hangover, causing -4 on all attack rolls and a nasty disposition (+4 to reaction checks against a withdrawing addict).  Withdrawal takes 3d6 days to complete.

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