Variegated Eye-Leech

Variegated Eye-Leech
Chance of Addiction: 75% per use
Cost: 300 gp

These colorful leeches subsist on ocular fluids, injecting a powerful narcotic as they consume the user’s sight.  A leech will feed for 1d4 days.  The leeches, for some reason, will only feed in pairs, with one on each eye.  One-eyed men are thus unable to experience the ecstasies of eye-leeches.

Visions of the future, that May or May Not come to pass
Leech-Sight - while the leech feeds, the user has 30’ of vision into the ethereal plane
Blindness - it’s hard to see through a leech sucking out your eye juice
Eye Humor Loss - 1 hit point per day is lost to the leeches

Addiction:  Addiction is caused simply by permanent blindness, as the leeches suck out the last of the ocular humors.  Once this occurs, the user is compelled to acquire more eye-leeches to make use of their leech-sight.

Withdrawal:  Withdrawal is likewise simple - if a blinded eye-leech addict is unable to acquire the leeches, he cannot see.


  1. My optometrist has strongly suggest I don't get leeches in my eye.

    1. Modern optometry is the last refuge of small-minded men

  2. Eye-leeches I think are the weirdest, most disgusting and the best of these Denethix drugs.