Mortician's Alembic

Mortician’s Alembic
Chance of Addiction: 5% per use, cumulative
Cost: 75 gp

This peculiar drug is a glass instrument that has been used for at least a year in the practice of the mortuary sciences.  Such instruments absorb the preservative chemicals and embalming airs that surround them, and when ground into powder become potent intoxicants.

Peace of the Grave (user recovers all spells, and heals 1d8 hit points)
Appears dead
If corpses are nearby, user may Speak With Dead to commune with them

All effects last 1d4 hours.

Addiction:  Sad is the life of the alembic addict, forced to travel from town to town and city to city, breaking into funeral homes to steal their equipment.  Addicts have pale, corpse-like skin, and sunlight hurts their eyes (-1 on attack rolls in direct sun).

Withdrawal:  An addict requires another alembic every 4d6 days.  For each day past that, the addict will become increasingly weak, suffering -1 to CON, until the addiction is broken (5% per day) or they die.  Addicts who die of alembic withdrawal will arise again as zombies if placed near any alembics in funeral homes.

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