3d printed minis

A question for all of you - I've been ignoring the OSR and blogs (which I assume are dead at this point) and forums (also guessing, dead) and reddits and whatever else people use that I almost certainly don't know about for a decade now.

Here's my question:  so way back when, I say to myself "This module needs art!", I see some posts by Glad showing off his artwork on the forums, I email him, bam, I'm hiring out some artwork for ASE.  Easy peasy.

Now I'm wondering, in this world of 3d printers, are there people out there who make 3d sculpts of minis for hire?  Do any 3d printers even work well enough to print minis?  If so, do they work well enough to do 25mm minis, as all proper old school minis should be?

I think it would be fun to have minis of the ASE monsters.

Where are the pictures, you ask?

 Photobucket apparently wants money to host my pictures and has completely blocked access - it used to let a few views per month through.  Capitalist swine!

I've downloaded them all, I'll have to go through the blog posts and upload the original photos individually.  It will take forever!  Sometime this summer probably, it will slowly drive me insane that the picture are broken...