Level 2 map, hand-drawn

I'm mostly done with the map of level 2.  The tower in the northernmost cave needs its own separate map, and I need to add more stairs, pit traps, etc.  But this is pretty much how it's going to be (click for a larger image):


  1. I have much love for these maps!

    In the times of Great Adventure, many an ill-equipped and incautious party met their DOOMS in caverns such as these.

    The ones that are the mid-centre bottom. Are those clusted of small rooms cells (for acoltyes or prisioners?

  2. That big rectangular area in the center-bottom full of little 10'x10' and 20'x20' rooms is the old living quarters for the megacorporation scientists and their families. It's currently occupied by the Painted Men, and whatever evil clowns keep around as prisoners and pets.

    It will be a death trap for the players if they just waltz in - but there's good stuff to be had if they can find the secret access corridor and stealthily access some of the rooms.

  3. Dude, you totally need to do these in Photoshop for posterity.

  4. Like this:

  5. I did that in maybe 10 hours or so. Not that much work really.

  6. Oh, gotcha. I convert my maps to CC2, but I don't do the "graphic-y" look - mine are a lot simpler.