Pick-on-Halflings Day

The last session pretty much ended up being Pick-on-Halflings day.  P.W. has a lousy Charisma and negative modifiers, but the rest of the party prefers to let him be the spokesman, because they find his failures hilarious.

Talk to the landlord seeking rent? Fail
Hire henchmen?  Fail, fail, fail
Talk to Morlocks?  Fail

The dwarf Justin didn't have much better luck either, and the first wanton murder of the campaign occurred.  I expect many more in the future.  No PC likes to take a bunch of backtalk from an NPC.

I got caught up in the spirit of things and Mongo's new cleric henchman start back-talking the halfling, too.  Forgot that his reaction roll wasn't that bad - whoops.  Oh well, it adds dramatic tension.

Mongo's player was bitching about the last session where they found no gold, only horrible death (for their henchmen).  I mentioned that they've walked by tons of obvious puzzles and so forth, so Mongo made it his mission to start working through them.  And the players actually tried negotiating with a monster instead of immediately charging - the dice wanted violence, though.  So the party has made another enemy in the underworld.  It's probably for the best - morlocks are kind of bitey.


  1. Isn't every day Pick-On-Halflings-Day?

  2. Poor halflings. They never seem to get much love, do they?

  3. @ Gratuitous, only the days that end in "y."

    I have always considered Halflings to be the low man on the totem pole.

    I have some other halfling jokes, but yeah, I'll just stop now.