Death of a Halfling, Unmourned

The semi-suicidal halfling finally met his end last Wednesday.  His player wanted a new PC, so he told everyone to not heal him.  Before he had even reached -10, the vultures were upon his carcass, looting him for all he had.  And gutting him for the heck of it, apparently.

I gave him the choice of rolling up a new PC or using Krogo the Pit-Fighter Slave, but he didn't want a fighter, so Dick Dock was born.

Note to fellow DM's - if you want your players to never drink potions they find, answer "what does it smell like" with "feces."  Ad-libbing odors is not my strong suit.

The players MIGHT actually head down to the second level next session.  They are under the impression they're down around the third level - no idea why, they are mostly rolling over 1st level monsters.  One of the oddities of 2nd level is that the XP requirements are the same as for 1st level, so there's no big incentive to go deeper for the party yet - they're still picking away at 1st level loot.  Gutboy's got orders to find a big bug, though, so that should get them heading deeper.

I got a proof back from Lulu for the book - it looks great, except for the maps which the Lulu printing process was not kind to.  I'm reworking those this weekend, and then I'll order another proof.  So the book should be available in a week or two.

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