Chime in, people!

So I've sold a bunch of these ASE1's, and I'm busy working on the next levels.  My players push ever downwards (when they aren't quivering in abject terror), and presumably some of you will be wanting the sequel.

So this is my mini-survey - who's started running ASE1 yet?  Anyone out there?  No real reason for asking other than vanity, but I'm curious who's taken the plunge.  I imagine that a lot of people are holding off til they have a few more levels in hand, but I'm curious all the same.  Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I have it, but I've already begun my own megadungeon. I will likely be stealing from yours to supplement my own lack of imagination.

  2. I've really enjoyed reading it, but I am indeed holding off running it till a couple more levels are available. Don't keep us in suspense, man!

  3. Session one killed off half the party, and that was just part of the intro hook! I think that ASE1 will keep my players plenty busy for the foreseeable future. If they end up delving deeper, I guess I'll have to wing it &/or scrape some material from here. Good stuff!

  4. I gave it a shot, using the Labyrinth Lords rules, but my players are used to Pathfinder and the high mortality rate shocked them.

    I might give it another try at some point, perhaps after ASE2 is released.

  5. @Aplus - A perfectly reasonable use

    @Paul - It's coming, I'm a lazy slug but my players keep going deeper, so I have to keep up. Probably towards the end of this year or maybe January.

    @Anthony, @Dirk - The news of fatalities warms my heart!

  6. I haven't ran it yet - no regular gaming group - but I hope to. (Normally I'd be all about just making my own - and I will eventually - but I was very impressed with the ideas in yours.) I read it all and am very impressed with it as a read and with what I think would be a great play experience. Also, as a side note, I'm one of the ten people who bought it at Gen Con this year that you mentioned in a previous post. I was very happy to get a copy: as soon as I picked up my badge I rushed to the OSR booth with your module as the top intended purchase on a very short list.

    (Anomalous Subsurface Environment, Vornheim, Red Tide, Random Esoteric Creature Generator, Dungeon Alphabet - all either purchased at Gen Con or online shortly thereafter if they weren't available at Gen Con)

    Thanks for the great module!

  7. Oh, and sorry about the screwed up handle on that last comment - AIM never seems to want me to post on any of these sites.

    c0a6ce18-85c7-11e0-96aa-000bcdcb5194 AKA Danny

  8. Ran a couple sessions before scheduling conflicts tore my group to hell for the summer.

    Terry and Phil got sacrificed early.

    All player deaths resulted from radiation, even after one of them was all "o hay yellowcake". Only a couple survivors.

    Still pretty much my favorite product in the OSR. The tables & background stuff have added quite a bit to those one-off games I can scrape together lately. Gonna give the whole thing another shot when I can get a hold of levels 2 & 3!

  9. Not only did they lose a party member early on, they then traded his dead body to some of the broken down robots in one area (to use for replacement parts) for the promise of help in fighting some of the robots in another area.

    The player who had been playing the dead character complained loudly about such treatment, so after the robots had filleted out all the good parts, the party scraped what was left into a bag for a proper burial later. :P

  10. I have a campaign using ASE1 starting pretty soon. I'm going to let the players find out in game that this is not a cookie cutter fantasy setting (though I have dropped a couple of hints).

    BTW the ASE setting rocks. I loved reading it so much it motivated me to get off my duff and get a group together so we could play it. Besides being filled with tons of cool ideas it's laugh out loud funny.

    (*Spoiler Alert* - The wizard who flies around in a giant head with laser beam eyes - genius! Reminds me of that weird Boorman film Zardoz. If memory serves that had a giant flying head in it too.)

  11. I am holding off tell a few more levels are made. I love it thou so can not wait.