Skyrim Gets Surreal

I've been playing Skyrim on the PlayStation 3, and things are getting weird.

a. I'm walking down the road, and a Redguard woman is standing around in her underwear, in the snow, getting harassed by a pair of Alik'R.  I don't know if she's doing a Victoria's Secret shoot or what, but I chase after the Alik'R and give one a good whack upside the head - down he goes.  His buddy runs screaming away from me, savagely slashing at every chicken that gets in his way.

b. On my way to find the head of these Alik'R, I see a giant and a couple of mammoths in the distance. One of the mammoths shoots up into the sky like a rocket.  I steer clear, flying mammoths seem risky.

Now I'm deep in the Alik'R lair, and am offered the choice of fighting off a boatload of Alik'R thugs, or helping to off some damsel in distress.  My inclination is to see if I can polish off the thugs, but when all your leveling is due to "sneak" you really aren't very handy with swords or armor.


  1. man the entertaining bug and glitch gods love you!

    move through the room with your weapons put away. At the back of the room is a corridor too narrow for more than one at a time to follow you. Having a companion along will help to further even the odds.

    Scimitars and Smithing. You'll be set for swords for a while.

  2. You didn't want to kill those Al'ikr. They would give you a quest to find a Redguard woman. I don't want to spoil it, but she deserved to be captured by them.

  3. Well she's free to wreak more havoc in Skyrim then, because the Alik'r are dead and rotting in a cave.

  4. First time through I turned her in. Second I killed the alikr for their swords. curved. swords. :)