Lying Wires

It will be interesting to see how this trap plays out.  If some poor chump (probably a henchman, knowing my players) gets caught in the wires, the rest of the party are likely to get the victim killed while they run off on some fool's errand.
90. Lying Wires
Dangling from the ceiling between the two doors on the eastern wall is a thick cluster of wires, 2’ in diameter.  The wires hang to within a few inches of the surface of the water in this room.

If the doors are approached, the wires will stab into the nearest character unless a save vs. magic is made, causing 1d4 points of damage and taking control of the character’s body.  The victim’s body will stand rigidly straight as it intones in a hollow voice, “If you attempt to remove the wires, this fleshy creature will perish.  Perform a task for me, and I shall release the organism.”

Roll on the table below for the task to be performed. The tasks are pointless busy-work, and the entity communicating through the wires will not release the body under any circumstances.  It will instead demand that yet another task be completed.

The wires may be pulled from a victim without causing any harm. The true danger is in leaving a victim behind – wandering monsters and/or dehydration will likely kill the character, as the wires will not defend a controlled body in any way, or otherwise try to keep it healthy.

Pointless Tasks
Roll 1d8 to determine the pointless task the wire-controlled body demands.
1.    Fetch me the mind of a hinge-headed. They shall know me, and I shall know them!
2.    Eliminate the goblins who infest this level. They have annoyed me for the last time!
3.    Retrieve one ounce of unprocessed nuclear fuel. You know this as “sick rock.”
4.    Return with an artifact from the Gray Void. I must know the nature of this dimension.
5.    Deliver this message to Trimexis of the Deep Tower: “Eight times eight is the number you shall aspire to.”
6.    Carve my likeness in the Hall of the Underlords. All who gaze upon me shall know despair!
7.    Fashion a suit of armor from the scales of the water serpent, and present it to me here.
8.    The gill-men have offended me one time too many.  Bring me a dozen of their heads, and your companion shall be returned unto you.


  1. Clever trap, I like it!

    -Ed Green

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  3. How likely they are to fall for it propably depends on how accustomed players are to such trickery.