More Carrot than Man

I have no respect for player characters' physical integrity.

Netal was the first to feel the sting. His constant trips to the good Doctor Giggles left him with giant clown feet and clown lungs, and he would whistle circus music with every breath.

Now Mongo has been... transformed.  He has gained all the supernatural powers of a carrot.  When buried in dirt up to the neck, he has the power of vegetable regeneration.  Yes, mixed in with the awesome powers and the horrifying poisons is a small dose of stupid humor, and Mongo has succumbed.  His player is quite enthusiastic about this newfound ability though, and already trying to game the system with it.

There are a lot of encounters in the dungeon that will profoundly change a character.  If you're bringing a lot of involved backstory into the Anomalous Subsurface Environment, good luck trying to figure out how that meshes with the fact you've devolved into a goblin or had your head replaced with a giant fly's.  Forget the backstory, your story is being written in the here-and-now.

The guys also came across another bit of late-night "what on earth do I do here" encounter - the loincloth treasure.  It cut the tension, which is necessary on occasion.  Laugh it up while you can, gentlemen...

Anyhow the writing continues.  I think I'm going to toss in a few more classes - the Scientist and the Robot.  That means coming up with cybernetic prosthetic rules, because what's the point in being a Scientist if you can't attach lasers to your body?

There's a ton of connection points to lower levels from the 2nd and 3rd, and the fellows are feeling a bit confident - so I've got to start putting together the lower level maps.  Time to finish up with all this writing & publishing and start cranking out the deeper material.


  1. This tickles my capricious referee bone. Excellent.

  2. Oh! The scientist can attach frikkin' laser beams to the heads of the dogs the party are always taking along. Then, maybe, the pooches would finally be useful. :)

    -Ed Green