Dungeon Module ASE2-3 is FOR SALE

The Anomalous Subsurface Environment is more than just robots and lasers – it's clowns and dinosaurs, too! Levels 2 and 3 of the critically ignored gonzo megadungeon are finally available – with more classes, more tables, and more cruel and unusual ways to die deep beneath the surface of the post-apocalyptic Earth!

Got the proofs today, and it looks GOOD!  So I hereby proclaim ASE2-3 officially FOR SALE!

What? You're on the fence? And you're reading this blog? Perhaps these words from a few kind souls about ASE1 will sway you:

“This is one of the best products ever made. Go buy it now.”
Bryce Lynch, of tenfootpole.org

“One of the finest OSR-derived megadungeons”
James Maliszewski, of grognardia.blogspot.com

“It is awesome”
Tavis Allison, muleabides.wordpress.com contributor and Autarch co-founder

“One of those products people will remember fondly 20 years from now”
Gabor Lux

ASE2-3 is available for sale at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/PatW, in Publisher Grade Paper, Standard Grade Paper, and PDF form. Publisher Grade is very slightly cheaper, but only prints in the US, so if you're outside the US order Standard Grade - way cheaper shipping.

Anyhow if you buy it, please talk about it! This is a niche-within-a-niche-within-a-niche product, and every bit of publicity helps!

And a big "Thanks!" to everyone who bought ASE1 and thus unknowingly guilted me into producing a sequel!

EDIT - Oh, and Lulu is having a 20% off sale now if you use coupon code NOVBOOKS12 on check out!


  1. Just ordered mine. I went pub grade.

  2. Thanks so much for your support, guys!

  3. Congrats Pat. I'll be picking up a copy ASAP.

  4. Level 1 has been a blast, can't wait to see what 2 & 3 look like.

  5. Awesome. Some holiday downloads to look forward to!

  6. Just bought it in pdf. Looks great! I would normally regard $18 as expensive for a pdf but ASE is something unique.

    I discovered that if you're in the UK, then in order to use the Lulu coupon code, you have to change your location to the US (scroll down to the bottom of the page on Lulu).

    1. That didn't work for me! So I bought the pdf for now and I'll pick up the paper version next time there's a UK voucher - twice the sales for Patrick!

  7. Huge congratulations for undertaking this. I've liked ASE1 a lot, and was eager to see it unfold, half-convinced that it would never happen as it is often the case with OSR mega projects. And now, here it is! Awesome and thank you.

  8. Late to the party, but I had to drop by and say, this is amazing!