Level 4 in CC2

This one was done iteratively, I'd draw on graph paper, scan & put it on the computer, print it and draw by hand, and so on.  So there's no good original to scan and show.

I haven't numbered the level yet, and I'll probably monkey with it a bit more.

There's two stairways heading up to the 3rd level, a "regular" stairway and a spiral staircase heading down, a well heading down (in that 30' wide corridor up at the top of the map), and a wide hole in a cavern heading down.  I like my players to have to rig up contraptions, so I've always got a few level interconnects where you need climbing gear.

The Basalt Ziggurat of the Hinge-Headed occupies the central cavern.  Vast hordes of Hinge-Headed and their Neanderthal slaves are constantly milling about.  In the surrounding dungeon, there will be plenty of things that players can utilize to mess with the Hinge-Headed should they choose to do an all-out assault on the Ziggurat.

There's a couple of bricked-up walls that didn't really survive the loss of resolution when I uploaded them to Photobucket (an idea I liked from Barrowmaze, although I've gone all sci-fi and they'll require special solvent to dissolve the epoxy mortaring the carbon-fibre bricks together), and a cave-wall just about excavated through by a team of Neanderthal slaves.  So no, I didn't forget to add doors in those places :)

Here's the whole level (click this link to embiggen):

Here's the map turned on inside, and split into two images (click this link and this link to embiggen):


  1. You could propably stick a whole hidden shrine inside that stepped pyramid.

    1. That'll have its own map, with several levels of Hinge-Headed-fueled mayhem.

  2. This has probably come up before: what software(s) do you use to create your maps?