Splitting the loot - the manufacture of a codpiece

I had the party negotiate the loot-splitting from the last session via email.  Here's the results:

The blue pearl fetches 300 gp in the jewel markets of the Bazaar Incomparable.

The gold-and-lapis-lazuli death mask is worth 1500 gp in the antique markets of the Bazaar.

Razoe feels a strange kinship with the half-dissolved skull of Netal, and honors it by turning it into a codpiece. He contracts Lemno Smung, proprietor of Inappropriate Engravings and Inlays, to add the gold filigree and jade inlays. It is a truly magnificent and bizarre codpiece, and Razoe reverently presents it to Mongo as a gift. It produces no reaction bonuses, as the fine craftsmanship is offset by the grisly nature of the artifact.

Gutboy negotiates with Davrik Lerdingfast, weapons collector on the sale of the drum-robot. Davrik is unimpressed, as it doesn't have lots of spikes and gun barrels protruding from it, and the deal is struck for a measly 200 gp.  Davrik asks Gutboy if he's planning on mounting an expedition to retrieve the tank from the Livid Fens anytime soon.

The Glove of Mesmeric Dancing is sold to bloated dance school instructor Ab-lee Mueller, who hopes to use it to lead her young proteges to victory in the Denethix All-City Regionals. It fetches 500 gp.

Gutboy is able to sell back his plate mail at 75%, due to its near-pristine condition. The armorer assumes that it was put on display in a parlor. That fetches 338 gp. He now wears the magnificent plate mail, and has an additional -1 bonus to reaction checks. As a citizen, this equates to a total -3 reaction bonus with the Unyielding Fist, and with the Exalted and Chosen Brethren.

Razoe now possesses the Metal Axe.

Here is the XP split:

Razoe - 200 xp from a prior adventure, plus 750 xp for spending 750 gold
Mongo, Gutboy, George - 454 xp, 516 gp
Henchmen - 227 xp, 258 gp

Overall, the orange musclehead with the jade skull codpiece, the glittering armor of Citizen Gutboy, and the talking dog with the top hat, cape, and entourage are making your adventuring party both well-known and easily recognized. The entire party, plus dog-citizen Rufus II, receives an invitation to a soiree being held by Mormod Waginski, an Exalted and Chosen Brother and noted big game hunter. Each invitation has been inscribed with a hot-knife onto a square of velociraptor hide.


  1. He got immortalized as artful codpiece. That really is something.

  2. I am endlessly amused that your PCs decided to keep the most valuable non-magical item they have discovered. This is a sign of making up great treasure. Also it's always great the way a party of traveled adventurers end up looking.

    1. It's a solid choice - Gutboy's reaction rolls keep a lot of the monsters friendly, this means they're even more likely to make friends with the dungeon scum and kill them while they sleep.

      Of course, if they meet the lucrephage or head into the lair of the Ferrovores on the 4th level, buh-bye magnificent plate mail... (and codpiece, too)

  3. Recent follower and purchaser of ASE 1 and ASE 2 & 3. Any plans for other ASE products now that you got me addicted to them. I needs 'em!

    1. ASE4-5 will be next - dungeon levels 4-5 and the city of Under-Miami. I expect it will come out some time in 2014.